Redirect requests for missing wordpress uploads to another server using NGINX

When working on a copy of a live WordPress website it can be handy not to have to duplicate the uploaded files in wp-content/uploads, whilst still allowing the creation of new uploads during testing and development without affecting the production website. The configuration below can be added inside a server{} block inside an NGINX configuration […]

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Remove all rounded corners from Bootstrap 3 using Less

A Bootstrap 3 design I am working on requires square rather than the defaultĀ rounded css corners. The quick and easy solution involvesĀ overridingĀ the values of only 5 Less variables in my own Less variables file:

There are a lot of other variables in Bootstrap for setting various border radius’, but all of them use one […]

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Ripping high quality mp3s from audio cds on Ubuntu

I’m using abcde with the ~/.abcde.conf file below. I think the only change I made to the configuration file was the LAMEOPTS for 320kbs bitrate and the outputtype to mp3:

Usage: cd into the folder to store the mp3s, and type abcde. Answer the questions it asks and if necessary fill in any missing […]

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