WARNING – This project has not been updated since around 2008 or 2009, and is not supported.

The following documentation for using Sams Whois is provided here, and is included in the download:

  • Quickstart Guide
    Contains instructions to help you set up a working whois lookup service on your site in a couple of minutes.
  • Using Sams Whois
    Full instructions on using the file and the various options you can set to control the whois form and lookup results.
  • The SamsWhois Class
    Documentation on the samswhois class itself. Most of the time you do not need to use this class directly as the file handles the details for you.
  • CSS Styles
    A brief list of the css styles in the swstyles.css file used to display and customize the design of the whois lookup form.
  • The Files
    A short description of each file included in the download describing its purpose.