Old Projects

My open source php scripts, currently (5-7 years) old stuff I’ve moved here, soon to be added to…

Web Zipper offers a web-interface to extract files from an uploaded zip archive or create a zip archive from uploaded files.

Sam’s Whois is a php domain name whois lookup script.

PHP Image Host is an image hosting script I wrote four years ago with new versions coming soon.

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  1. Thank you for this whois php script it certainly is unbeatable.

    Please i would like to know this, is it after uploading to my local root that i will edit the script? And i have built my site with a form how do i match this with your own script. i want to have a drop down menue for my .com,.biz.org
    I will be happy to hear from you thanks
    Please how do i appretiate your script with $10 dollars, i reside in Nigeria, Africa, i have a credit card though.
    thanks a Millioooooooon

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